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Viced MAN

Viced MAN Panther

Viced MAN Panther

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How Viced MAN was born?

VM was created to show a different side of the male aesthetics:  a desire to be sexy, sporty and yet elegant. VM tells the story of guys who want to set themselves free and not be criticized for what they do, like or wear. A VM breaks the barriers and dares to wear whatever the body calls for; a vice for undies and sexy clothing. A Viced MAN is selfish to his likes and does not care about what others’ opinions. He is himself and dares to brave and bold to take new risks. He enjoys attention, people noticing him and looking at him. He takes care of himself and he is conceited.

 As a Viced MAN you are not afraid; you are who you are and you’re fearless.

 Viced MAN provides a lifestyle that promotes empowerment to be bold, through unique and inspiring designs. It’s more than just clothing, it’s the story behind the item.


Viced MAN reflects your attitudes, desires, sentiments and risks.


Size Chart

30-32 Small

32-34 Medium

34-36 Large

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