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Viced MAN

Sexy Temptation

Sexy Temptation

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Viced MAN New York Fashion Week from Viced MAN on Vimeo.


Expect the unexpected  with Sexy Temptation design by Victor Herrera. This is a fun and sexy design made of different type of mesh fabrics put together and with golden waistband. Two button on the side add an extra piece of seduction. Extra room in the pouch adds that extra space for comfiness.

If you re looking for something outside of the ordinary than just the normal underwear, Sexy Temptation Collection is just what you need, why? Ever felt like you need a change to your clothing style in order to make an impact for your self tor special someone? When you try something new, all of the sudden you feel rejuvenated and empowered with the new piece of clothing. try it! Sexy temptation will not disappoint you. .

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