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Cleo bodysuit

Cleo bodysuit

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Viced MAN, Nominated for the Sexiest Brand by the Croatian Magazine Dar Cur.

The summer-autumn collection is here with super sexy designs that leave little room to imagination. Blow is a design created with lots of detail, but at the same time with a lot of dedication so it is to your liking. 


30-32 Small

32-34 Medium

34-36 Large






How was Vice MAN born?

VM was created to show a different side of the masculine aesthetic. It's being able to be sexy and sporty, while still being elegant. VM tells the story of all men who want to be free and not be criticized for what they do, like or wear. VM breaks the barriers and dares to create the clothes we want: our love for underwear and sexy clothes. Who represents Viced MAN does not care what others say about his tastes. He is not afraid of being himself, of being brave and daring to take new risks. He enjoys attention, he loves people noticing him and looking at him. He cares about his image, and he is proud.

Many people hide in the shadows because they are afraid of what others might say, but being Viced Man is not being afraid, it is being brave and showing who you are.

Viced MAN offers a lifestyle that promotes being bold by using unique and inspiring designs. But Viced MAN is more than just clothing, it's the story behind them.

Being Viced MAN means taking all fear away and receiving with open arms whatever comes your way.

Viced MAN reflects your attitudes, desires, feelings and risks.

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