Viced MAN New York Fashion Week 2018

Viced MAN New York Fashion Week 2018

NYFW changed me completely! When my models walk out from back stage to perform their walk showcasing their Viced MAN piece my heart starts pumping so fast and the adrenaline kicks in and i can't handle the suspense. Thoughts start running trough my head and can not help it but to tear up. These are the emotions that i feel when i create a new design and show it to the world, and i love every part of it.

I started Viced MAN in 2015 and is growing with the help of my fans, friends and family, i never thought that i could actually feature my designs during NYFW. When i got the call from Michael James at Rise Talent Management telling me that i am invited to participate, it truly meant the world and told me that i am in the right path with my dream.

My dream is to make Viced MAN a lifestyle and not just a product, i want it to be part of who a person is and grow with it. It all starts with the shopping experience which is where everything begins. The new platform provides a great and easy experience that i manage very carefully, i like to personally follow up with my fans to ensure that they are happy with the experience.

Please continue to follow me on social media and support me by reading my posts and of course by living the style of a Viced MAN.

Victor Herrera- Creator of Viced MAN


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